Press Release

October 1, 2015


Bob Poole, 800-343-3139

DOME, a print and marketing solutions provider, has announced the acquisition of manufacturing assets of Bel Aire Displays, a leading screen and digital graphic display company located in Richmond, CA.

 Sacramento, CA —DOME (Meriliz, Inc.) and Bel Aire Displays have finalized a formal agreement in which DOME has acquired certain equipment assets and executed a new facilities lease agreement starting October 1, 2015. DOME will transition some overflow business from Sacramento to the new facility in Richmond, CA.

This acquisition will combine two leaders in to one graphics powerhouse. Each company competently served their clients and will now join to offer a stronger full-service model to their existing and new clients.

DOME is Northern California’s largest privately held print and marketing company. DOME serves a broad national client base across many markets including health care, financial, education and retail. Offering these markets high-quality print and a strong suite of technology products.

Bel Aire Displays, served the high-end retail display markets. Providing services that include design engineering, screen printing, digital large format printing and complex distribution for clients. Bel Aire’s fiscal yearend sales (ending May 31, 2015) was 8.2 million in sales with 40 employees.

Chris Shadix, owner and CEO of Bel Aire Displays will take the position of Vice President of Sales for the San Francisco Division of DOME. Chris brings over 25 years of expertise in the retail graphic display industry.

Commenting on the acquisition, Tim Poole, Partner and CEO of DOME said, “We are excited to expand our manufacturing operations into the San Francisco area and to add new capabilities in screen and digital graphics. We bring added value to the new facility by offering workflow expertise and online retail tools that are exclusive to DOME.”

Bob Poole, Partner and CSO of DOME added, “This is DOME’s third acquisition this year and this latest event is aligned with our long term strategic plan for growth in the in-store and out-of-home display market.”

Chris Shadix responded to the acquisition, “I am enthusiastic to be merging business capabilities with DOME Print & Marketing Solutions and in doing so, expand our opportunities with both our clients. DOME will be bringing in a strategic management team to modernize current operations, while keeping our client centric solutions intact. It’s by far the best scenario I could have imagined.”