Dome knows packaging

packed and shipped

Every brand wants to stand out from the crowd, and eye-catching packaging is one way to go about it. With new presses being installed in our brand new facility, we are now able to offer short-run and specialty packaging options, such as folding cartons and labels.

Today’s retail space is crowded, and many brands are turning to the packaging itself as a way to catch consumers’ attention. Dome can help you design and create packaging that blends seamlessly with the rest of the brand’s look and feel, and ensure it is on point with the marketing messages the brand wants to convey. Dome is also a perfect solution for brands looking to create prototypes of new packaging options, or who want to create small batches of personalized or truly unique versions of their packaging.

The nitty gritty on packaging

Because it’s not enough to walk the walk, here are a few of the services and equipment Dome offers that relate specifically to you:

Grand Format Printing
Comprehensive Finishing Department
Inventory Management
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